Become an Instructor

Become an Instructor


Civilian Instructor Course (C.I.C)

The IKMF offers the most comprehensive, highest standard of Krav Maga Instructor training in the world. Become an Instructor to add Krav Maga to your existing Martial Arts school or to open a stand-alone Krav Maga facility.

Our CIC is physically and mentally demanding and candidates are not guaranteed to pass. What we do guarantee is that, once certified, instructors will be in possession of the most rigorous instructor certification available.

General Info:

The course is compiled of two parts referred to as CIC1 and CIC2.

The total duration of the course is approximately 180 hours (18 days ~8-10h/day).

The Civilian Instructor Course will educate you in most Krav Maga techniques, various fighting techniques, Principles of Krav Maga, teaching and practice methods, training methods, basic management, promotion and marketing of a training place and more.

During the course, participants will be supplied with the instructor’s manual, pictures and Logo for future use once qualified, Grading and curriculum material, lessons plans and more.

An Instructor Diploma will be issued to qualified participants by the IKMF. The graduates of the course will join the IKMF local branch and operate according to our simple regulations.


The first CIC outside Israel 1996 was in the nordic countries Sweden, Norway and Finland.

Since 1996 the IKMF has expanded globally and is now the largest and most appreciated Krav Maga institution worldwide.

The ONLY international KM Organization approved by the founder of Krav Maga